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Voting will open today, July 9th, at 5pm Atlantic Time.
It will close Friday at 5pm Atlantic Time.

• All members of SMA are encouraged to cast votes, regardless of contest participation.

• Contest voting will be made possible via polls. There will be a poll for each category.

• You are asked to pick one (1) first place winner in each category. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will result from the sum of votes.

• Best of Show will be awarded to the single entry with greatest vote count. Should there be a tie the winner will be selected by forum staff, with the exception of those that entered should their entry be eligible for BOS.

• Certain member sponsored prizes have been awarded by selection of the sponsor.

• All tallies will remain invisible until next week, when a video will be posted. Following that I will release the poll results so entrants can view their position.

Thank you.


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EDIT: It has been brought to my attention that the above selection for Best of Show won't work. SCi-fi has many more entries than armor...and therefore votes will be spread out alot more. I simply didn't see this problem mistake.

Because of this the 'top # of votes' will differ, and a deserving kit might not win due to vote 'spread'.

Therefore the staff will debate the BOS show winner, and the nominees will be the 1st place entries from each category. There is a good mix of 'genre lovers' among staff and therefore there won't be a bias.

Again, if a staff member is in the running they won't be part of the debate.

I hope you understand this new logic.


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Voting is now closed and the polls have been moved. I will view the results and work on a results video over the next 48hrs...and then post the results - first in video format and then make the polls public.

Thanks again for an awesome contest!

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