Terminator Future City Diorama


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Looking to start a project. Want a post apocalyptic Terminator like future city diorama, with destroyed buildings and everything. The skulls all over the place aren't needed in it though. Something small enough to transport and fit on a table since I'll be doing a lot of moving around. Is there anyone out there that knows how to make it and wouldn't mind making it for me? Let's talk about what can be done and for what.

Thanks much hope to hear from you soon

Richard Baker

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There are some great WWII diorama buildings out there which could be given an update (contemporary company logos, modern building illumination (although broken).
For trans port I would suggest making stand alone buildings, a roll up ground/road surface and a bunch of ruined junk such as burnt out cars and debris) to dress it up with on site. That way you can adapt it for different display areas as well.

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