STID poster-inspired stand


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Jun 8, 2010
Hi, everyone!
It has been a really enormous amount of time since my last post, but life had been pretty busy last year with me joining a new big project as a main job, and a had been constantly distracted from spending some solid hours at the workbench.
Plus to that I've also got with the head into another big hobby and modeling related project of building a 1:1 scale Boba Fett, that happened to completely eat all the rest leftovers of my free time - way more I had expected in the beginning.

That being said, I should also tell, that several days ago I decided that I need to really push myself to return to the scale modeling, as the short break started to become not so really short and I've felt I have really missed it.
To do so, I have chosen to warm up on a really small couple-of-evenings project, and picked up a subject I have been thinking about for quite a time already.
The story of this project starts spring 2013 somewhere a month before the release of that years's movie Star Trek Into Darkness by JJ Abrams.At that time the main cast of the movie - Pine, Quinto and Eve, together with Abrams himself have visited Moscow to present their work on a closed special press-show, with me being invited with a group of other pro-active russian nerds to represent the fandome part of the participants. I've had a great chance to chat for a little while with all the guests and gain from them the autographs, that are now standing on my shelves.
But up to now those autographed artworks in the fames looked a bit too lonely, so I've decided to make a small installation to accompany them, inspired by the movie's poster.
Those installation as a poster depicts Khan, standing on the crash-side of the starship Vengeance and looking onto the partially destroyed Los Angeles.
As the main parts of the work I have chosen two starfleet's delta-shaped stands - one coming from the old 3-piece !:2500 Enterprise set from AMT - it worked as a basis for the installation - and the second one from the recent stid JJprise from Revell .
On the poster Khan stands in the crashed-whole shaped also as delta, but I've decided to go a it other artistic
way and depict the crashparts as the command star-like simbol on the Federation delta pin.
Khan is made from various parts of Red Army WWII soldiers and slightly modded using two-component putty.
Everything except the figure has been painted with the acrilics from Vallejo, postshaded and finished with Future for a solid gloss effect.




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