STARGAZER - Banshee's Anonymous 2.0

Hi all!
Great to have the Forum back :)
So here's my latest Project I just completed...

I finally got around to work on Banshee's Anonymous 2.0 bust - which I originally purchased for his competition - here you can see the 16 best entries (Facebook):
16 Best
At the time of that contest i did lack the motivation, but now I have my mojo back and decided to finally give it a try.
This is the the original bust

I call my project STARGAZER, and I have a kind of steampunkish eternal astronaut in mind.
So I used a lot of GreenStuff to sculpt his suit

I then added more pieces

Including a visor and some cyborg-accesories

For the scene I planned to position him in front of a steampunk (spaceship) window with a view of a space scene

I'm not sure if this will really work out as I have envisioned

So I primed it with the planned light situation

Steampunk colors for the background

Here i established the base colors, and used green as a base for the skin tones

Looked kinda cool too

The skin color on the green base

The face almost done

Including a first version of the space reflection on his visor

With the background scene

Some light effects

Then I reworked the background space image

Then I decided to make the backdrop metal darker than the metal on the suit, giving a bit of contrast between backdrop and figure. So it will be more bronze or dark copper

then I refined some stuff, like the blue-ish light on the base, light and shadow on the backdrop

Next I attempted to add a bit of patina in the form of Greenspan, using AK pigments

It left a very strong and visible smear all over - most likely my fault, but quite different from pigments I’m used to.
After the initial frustration I recovered and reworked the metal and wood

Then I did some more weathering, this time using my own paint mix for the Greenspan

As that was also a tad to strong, I toned it down some

With this I’m close to calling it done

I did some final clean-up and accented some of the lines.

I really like the way he turned out in the end

The images are a bit on the dark side though...

And now he's in good company

Sharing the shelf with the Guardian and Gothica

Thak you for riding with me on this one :)

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