SR-71 Blackbird, F6 Hellcat, P-38M "Night Lightning", USS Arizona


May 20, 2009
OK... I finished the P-47 Thunderbolt(will be listed shortly). I have gotten hooked to model building again....almost an addict. I bought some models from a person who is not into it anymore. Well, I bought 6 kits from him and a couple of them are partial builds(not finished). The SR-71 is a mess so I am doing a refurbish job on it. I am seperating the glued parts, the wings look warped, the cockpit will need some molding, and he overused his razor knife on some parts that he was trying to smooth and ended up making the parts too short to fit in some areas. It's a PROJECT. The P-38 is in the same condition. I have been working on the SR-71 for 2 weeks now. It looks better. Also, he had the option to build the SR-71A or SR-71B model. Well..he combined the parts and some of the parts were thrown away....So I did my best to do the SR-71A model.. Here are some pics of the wings(before) below...




See where he added too much glue..and gaps in the wing insert. My project..will have an update soon.
WOW! :eek: big job. I for one am pullin for ya. Sometimes you can get more satisfaction out pulling one out of the fire rather than a new shiny box.

good luck.
wow someone really believed in "if a little is good, a lot is better" motto. Good luck!
Is that hot melt glue in the pictures? it kind of looks like it...
That's going to be a HUGE PROJECT. Good luck...

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