Squadron is now Kaput ( who next ? )


Mar 27, 2012
@stevethefish Hey there Greg,
I was quite surprised a couple months back when I had a notification that the forum here was back up. I never heard why they had stopped. Scott, is actually on my friends list on what’s left of fb, and while we aren’t in contact all the time, I don’t remember it coming up in conversation. Without getting to far into his business, he lived in an area in N.S. or Labrador
and a gas and oil company had come in and obtained permits to drill and frac and they were trying to organize to stop them. Being in the industry, I advised them not to bother. ‘they will run you out of money and still frac’. They have very deep pockets, a team of lawyers that like paperwork and all the time in the world.

I believe he moved. Big old farm and couldn’t be happier for them.
While it is a 60-65 year old technology and energy independence is very crucial component to a thriving economy, there are some places we really shouldn’t be.
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the Baron

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May 12, 2009
@the Baron
I thought I had read somewhere you were out of the Lehigh Valley. We’ve probably bumped into each other if you’ve ever been to MosquitoCon.
Out of Tunkhannock. That’s a 90 mile, one way ride for me just to the Valley. We have a couple places in Scranton that are long imbedded, but they could be gone tomorrow. I think the only thing keeping Scranton Hobbies open is the traffic from the nearly bankrupt Steamtown mall. The rest are so over the top retail, it pushes you straight to the internet, evil bay, direct buy and sell on the forums.
I used to bring the truck and trailer over to tTrains and Lanes and spend the better part of a paycheck there. Really sorry to hear they are downsizing. If you looked real hard you find some odder stuff jammed in the back of the shelves. Great days there.
Main Hobby has long since closed and the brick building where Internet Hobbies is located has such odd hours, I haven’t been in there in years. Not worth my effort.
We may have indeed! I'm a member of Lehigh Valley Scale Modelers, too. We formed about 6 or 7 years ago, out of an informal group that patronized Jeff Umlauf's HobbyTown store. We went IPMS a couple years after that. We had a table at MosquitoCon in 2019, to promote the club. If you're interested, we use a Facebook group as our online presence and forum.

So you know where the infamous Internet Hobbies is located? I've only looked the address up on a map, and it looked like they're northeeast of Scranton, off the beaten path. From all of the horror stories about their shady business, I've been curious to drive up there and see what it looks like, but haven't yet taken the time.

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