Sparmax AC-501X - Will this be suitable ?


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Hi guys...

Just recently joined the forum...want to get back into the hobby...

I would like to purchase a compressor and airbrush...I have looked at the Sparmax AC-501X...

This is in my budget and to me looks decent quality...However it would be great if someone here has a similar model or even the same model to get input...Will this be suffiecient for scale modelling...?

Then what airbrush would you suggest to pair up with this unit...

Any input or advice will be appreciated..



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Hi there Uli,

Welcome to the forum.

The AC-501X is basically the TS-501, just set into a case, with a tank.

The TS-501 is what I use (and sell as the Harder & Steenbeck compressors are made by Sparmaxx).

Been using mine for years, and it works great. Decently priced, and all you will need for your scale modeling needs.

As far as an airbrush, you can't go wrong with the Evolution from Harder & Steenbeck, and if you want to spend a little more, you can always go for the Infinity. One of the best airbrushes out there.


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Thanx so much for the reply...

I thing that is the one I will go for...

A lot of good things about the evolution from what I have gathered...

Thankyou for your input ECH...

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