Something alittle different for the future.


Jun 10, 2021
So I'm along ways off for this but I came across something that interesting and I think it would make a decent fun build that's not so common like the battle ships.

The USS Alaska CB1 is a large or heavy cruiser that meets the criteria of the Term Battle Cruiser but was never officially dubbed a battle cruiser is a non-capital ship ( a ship not named for a state) because at the Time Alaska was a territory, she is one of only two of her class (the Alaska class) ever built she and her sister ship were both built in 1941 after the world war 1 treaty limited the number of battle ships and the size of the guns they could carry she was ment to be a compromise but the start of world war b2 changed all this and the idea was scrapped for newer heavily armored fast battleships she served threw out the war and then on wards into the cold and korean war to finally be decommissioned an scrapped in the 60s. A third ship was scheduled to be built but canceled shortly in the begging phases of production that ship was going to be named the Hawaii.

THe larger cruiser was unique in that it was ment to be a balance of a battle ship and cruiser, fast enough to out run heavily armored and large caliber surface ships but powerful enough to knock out other heavily armored cruisers and provide greater manueverablity during escort duty engagements.

She was armed with a main battery of 9 twelve inch guns in 3 triple guns turrets two in the front and 1 aft, and a secondary battery of 12 five inch guns made up of 6 twin turrets.

Included with the armorment was 56 quad mounted 40mm anti aircraft guns and 34 single mounted 20mm anti aircraft guns

In addition to the fire power the ship carried 4 aircraft and had a main armor belt 9 inch's thick and could cruise 33 knots with a range of 12000 nautical miles with a crew of just over 1,500.

So as you can see this build has the perks of a battle ship with alittle bit extra 220px-USS_Alaska_(CB-1)_underway_on_11_September_1944_(NH_97127).jpg cb1pic.jpg
The 1/350 kit isn't horrible priced at 120 bucks however they sell a nice complete upgrade kit with brass gum barrels all the photo etch, chains anchors and wood deck but that's a whooping 240 additional dollars making this kit slightly on my wish list

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