SodaCity ModelCon in Columbia SC


Jul 12, 2013
Thanks to all the folks who put in the work to host the SodaCity ModelCon in Columbia SC. There wasn't much online info available about this show before the event, so I wasn't sure what to expect- or even if the event was actually happening- but I drove up from Savannah anyway. It turned out to be a GREAT show, with lots of vendors & some stunning models on display. There was a $5 admission charge. I bought a bunch of kits for the stash, including a Lockheed Connie- I'd been looking for one ever since visiting the Connie that has been turned into a bar, at the TWA hotel at JFK. The models in the contest were, as usual, beautiful and inspirational to look at, though they all reinforced my decision to leave mine at home. There was good lighting and plenty of room around the tables, and a HUGE thank you for NOT closing the exhibit area for judging... I had this happen at another show, and it was incredibly frustrating to have to leave without being able to see all the models. Overall I had a great time at the show, and will definitely be back next year.IMG_6207.jpgIMG_6208.jpgIMG_6213.jpg
Looks good!
You made me curious, so I ran a web search on "soda city modelcon". Turns out it's an IPMS club that stages it, the Mid-Carolina Swamp Fox Modelers. We get their newsletter through the regional exchanges IPMS runs.
Their website is I'd be surprised if they don't keep a mailing list. You could get notified next year.

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