Sisters of Battle Exorcist Tank


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Next build here at the workshop is the Sisters of Battle Exorcist tank from Games Workshop
I'll be painting it up in my custom "Order of the Blessed Flame."

Quick look at the parts I'll be working with

Cut off the pour stubs and cleaned up the seams on the metal pieces

Side pods with tracks built

Base Rhino chassis finished

Metal parts attached to the Rhino hull
Assemply done on the Exorcist launcer and gunner station

Major gaps were filled with Bondo filler putty

Primer coat completed using Krylon flat black



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Went over the full model with a coat of Testor's Inca Gold lacquer

Painted red over the gold coat using Games Workshop's "Mephiston Red."

Started detail painting
The treads were painted in with Games Workshop's "Lead Belcher"
Other details were done with white.
Ribbons were painted with transparent red over the gold
Purity seals were given a coat of dark pink, then washed with Testor's teak wash

For the figures, I started with a coat of Vallejo dark grey primer.
On the organist, I gave her outfit a coat of Vallejo brass, then did the red with Mephiston Red
Details were picked out in brass, followed by a black wash
Her skin was done in flat flesh, with her hair in white.

For the Servitor, after the base coat, I picked out what skin I could tell was done in pale flesh.
The body was then drybrushed in brass


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Glued all of the main pieces together after giving them a black wash to bring out detail.
For a stronger bond, I used 5 minute epoxy instead of super glue.
Unfortunately, I found out that I'd actually pushed the turret plate too far forward, creating a visible gap

Finsihed build pics:

Youtube link:

the Baron

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Nicely done!

Looking at the basic hull, it makes me wonder if it might not be useful for a kitbash into a AFV in the Maschinen Krieger 'verse.


what a shiny tank for the sisters!

Not my preferred topic but I like the way you made it!

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