Scratch built SCR 300 Radio project (WIP)


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Jan 29, 2012
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Hi Guys,

Here's my latest project, as the title says, its an SCR 300 radio pack for one of my Ardennes 101st airborne figures.

First off I built the main body of the radio pack;

I then drilled and cut all of the holes into the top panel of the radio to fit the various dials;

Next I built the panel cover for the top of the radio;

I then sacrificed the earplugs from my iPhone to make the handset cable;

The next step was to find parts to use for the dials, I found the majority of them from spare parts from a ruined 1/35th Marder III which I have on the back burner for now;

After that I built the belt attachment mount;

Next I cut up a spare guitar string to use for the aerial;

Next it was time to start working on the small details of the case such as D-ring attachments and the fastening clips. I also made a start on the carrying harness;

And that's my progress on this one so far.

More to come soon!
I hope you like it.

All comments appreciated,

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