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Jun 10, 2013
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Category: Sci-fi

Name of Build: Lulubelle "Rodeo on Arkania" - 2366

Kit manufacturer: My self ! (100% Hand-made scratch)

Scale: 1/35

I discover in a gift shop claer glass platic bubbles for X-Mas trees and I've got the idea to built a flying saucer. I like these kind of vintage airships with a retro style of the 50'.

I collect many stuff remaining from kits boxes, plastic tubes and sheets, electronic items, ... In fact, lot of fun, cool inspiration, no stress, just pleasure to built.
More pieces made with a Punch and Die, remaining PE parts, engraving process. No plan, just good feeling and vibration !

Nice painting to do with acrylic paints and new weathering process for this flying saucer.

The ground is made with gravels and sand from my garden. Arkania is a red sandy and rocky planet in the Orion Constellation. Nice destination for vacation.

I use a seated pilot from Industri Mechanika for Lulubelle ?

Why Lulubelle ? it sounds funny and pretty cool, isn't it ???

I hope that Lulubelle will seduces you as she seduces me ...


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