Sci-fi Grosser Hund 'Altair'


Jun 10, 2013
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Category: Sci-fi

Name of Build: Grosser Hund 'Altair'

Kit manufacturer: Hasegawa

Scale: 1/20

This build is from the Maschinen Krieger series of kits produced by Hasegawa. It's mostly an out-of-box build with a few scratch built improvements:

- scratch built coil-over shocks replaced the kit part
- Some of the kit-supplied rubber hoses were replaced with scratch built, wire wound hoses

Prior to paint, I added a slight cast metal texture to most kit surfaces. This made the final build appear less like plastic (hopefully). Painting started with an airbrushed base coat and highlights followed by a hand painted camo pattern. The camo pattern was given additional depth by way of a paint "mapping" technique.

Weathering was a mixture of filters, washes, oils, and pigments.

I keept a build thread to share knowledge and document progress:,8876.0.html

In all, a very fun build and surely the quickest build in my modeling life. Many thanks to SMA for hosting this great contest! Good luck to everyone!!

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