Sci-fi Action VI Transport


Jun 10, 2013
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Category: Sci-fi

Name of Build: Action VI Transport

Kit manufacturer: Timeslip Creations

Scale: 1/350

Much detailing went into this build. To begin with, the kit is engineered hollow to make lighting easier, but there were still many areas to be cut or drilled out. Piles of greeblies were also added to heighten the level of detailing because the kit detail is good for say, 1/1000, but not necessarily 1/350. Beyond a healthy appointment of added detailing, I cut some openings in the cargo area's "garage doors" and built out a lightly stocked cargo hold. You can see some crew members in bright orange EVO suits working (including one on a space walk!). A full compliment of LEDs and fiber optics were added, all powered by an internal, replaceable 9v battery. The front "nose" section is attached with magnets to access the battery "compartment". Lightings specs are: white LEDs driving main windows (fiber optics), 4 orange LEDs for the engines, 2 red LEDs for the forward bridge and cargo hold and a 1hz flashing LED to mark navigation beacons (on main hull corners, antenna tips, lower docking port corners and cargo holds). The coloration and markings are based on designs from the video game Homeworld 2 and blended nicely with Aurabesh lettering, white striping (decals), off-color paneling and piles of stencil data added to every nook and cranny.

Final Images