RX-78-02 Gundam head (Gundam the Origin)


That which does not kill us makes us stronger !
A new Gundam entry of mine... ;)

I'm really sorry to post it that late. I had to solve some problems with my Photobucket account, it was in a beta mode, a new silly version with no thumbnails avaiblable, and no possibility to do anything but obtain pictures links ONE BY ONE. :mad:

I finally find the link to switch to the previous Photobucket and I can now share with you guys my Gundam Head from Gundam the Origin !

A friend of mine send me this. I was so happy with this gift that I've done it in ONE DAY. Well, two days if I count the modification and detailing.
It's a kit sold with the 2011 of november of Gundam Ace, a Japanese magazine with some manga publication in it (and so the famous, and wonderful Yoshikazu Yasuhiko's manga, Gundam the Origin !).

One big runner with the head and buste parts.

The parts are done to facilitate the painting process and the montage can be straight forward with no glue involved whatsoever. The only big improvement I'll do ON the parts will be cut the edge of the V fin...

Once received I could'nt resist the envy to paint and build it immediatly. I began to spray some rust color (that's the only spray I can use for the moment)...

And then, magically my hands took brushes and citadel paints (almost exclusively citadel, the blue paint is Revell Aqua color).

Since the Gundam is in vivid colors, blue, yellow, red and white, it was kinda easy to do (even though my yellow paint was almost dried, I had to revive it with acetone).
I thought the sensors or lights parts would be easy to paint on white with translucid colors. I've got Pebeo acrylic done for making vitrails (like in churches). Let me tell you : BAD IDEA ! The green looks horrible, it's barely clear, clearly the bad choice in all its glory.

So what did I do ? Aluminum foil ? Got some, too thick though and I've got no green markers to do the trick (that's an easy way to obtain translucid coloration on clear or metallic part, permanent markers... :) ).
The choice will be to take some christmass decoration and cut some green foil. :)

Same thing for the lights on the chest. Cuting a rough piece, glueing, placing with a toot pick and a Q-tip, let it dry and cut the recesses.

The head is really well concieved. here the eyes are painted yellow with black contours, and the edges painted Boltgun metal...

The vulcan canon socket is painted blotgun metal and later gold...

The V fin is cut on the edges...

The chest is painted with blue and yellow colors (carefully), black and boltgun metal. The full part will receive a Chestnut wash treatment to raise the details.

Some minutes later the gundam head is done. It looks really cool but there is some flaw.
First my rust color marked the back of the head... Alcohol, acetone, sanding, bad results... I'll have to convince myself to repaint white on white... Hate that...
Second, the throat is really thin, that why I began to think of some solution to detail all this and began to add parts here and there... That will be next presentation of mine of this Gundam head : detailing with thrown parts, lighters, coffee spoons and springs. :)

Stay tune for some amelioration. :)


That which does not kill us makes us stronger !
S--t happens :)

Thanks guys.

New pictures soon. I've paint in white will do it again tomorrow once it's dry. I'll may use some of the decals of my other kits that are with me. Just to have some "warning" here, and some "no step" or things like that... :D


That which does not kill us makes us stronger !
More pictures with just some white painting (not succeding to do better on the back)...

On my worbench.

On the bright daylight, showing some of the hills that surround me.

Sure would look a lot better when I'll apply some good decals and dry transfers. :)


That which does not kill us makes us stronger !
Didn't forget I have some Gundam to build or paint but since I return to Paris things are a lot more complicated than expected. One need space to work, and the proper tools to do so... :)

But, anyhow, I managed to move some of my last kits, the Gundam chest is among them.

Here at Dijon Saiten 10 days ago.

A video

Dijon//SAITEN 2012

Soon some pictures from Orleans (the Jeanne d'Arc town) at Japan Expo Centre.
Me building some scratch kits and kitbashes...



That which does not kill us makes us stronger !
Thanks :)

The Hasegawa kits from Macross are from a friend, most of the old Macross kits are mine (done 25 years ago), some of the plastic kits, and 2 other friends had shown Star Wars and Comics model kits.
The last part is Papercraft, very impressives objects, done by the members of Anigetter, and some origami done with a lot of talent by Nofy, a women of good taste.
All in all, an exhibition, some contest and initiation with papercrafts, gundam model kits (I lead the contest the two days) and some conferences about the 30th anniversary of Macross, and the developpement of Anime in French Theaters (by yours truly).
Could share this with you but I did it in french so...


That which does not kill us makes us stronger !
I broke the V-fin in a trip to Paris... But this Gundam torso had made its exhibit either way...

It's now parking in Paris since another exhibition awaits it for July (Japan Expo) and maybe october (Dijon Saiten)...


That which does not kill us makes us stronger !
Here is a picture at Geekopolis Festival with the broken V fin...


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