Rust Hues


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Apr 5, 2023
I don't use pre made washes and mostly prefer oil washes. Can you guide me about rust hues?
with oil paints, when doing rust, I mainly use burnt umber, or for darker rust patches Raw Umber mixed in
raw sienna could work, but as mentioned, I just stick burnt umber burnt sienna

for example the rust here on the hull was done just by placing a little bit and then dragging it downward with the brush and using some thinner where it got too dark

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I am so sorry, the color I meant was Burnt Sienna, not Burnt Umber.

I always get those two names confused and just double checked my paint tube on my workbench

I use real rust, too.
I use steel wool scouring pads in the kitchen. When the soap is gone, and they start to rust, I put them in a small plastic cup and pour water over them. Through a couple of cycles of evaporation, the steel wool rusts and leaves a powder. I grind this with a glass stirring rod to get it as fine as I can. Then it can be applied with a brush, like powdered pastel chalks.

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