Republic F-84G Thunderjet


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Apr 24, 2009
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Category: Juniors

Name of Build: Republic F-84G Thunderjet

Kit manufacturer: Tamiya

Scale: 1/72

The Republic F-84 Thunderjet was an American turbojet fighter-bomber aircraft. In 1944 the F-84 was proposed to the United States Army Air Forces (USAAF), to be used as a ‘day fighter.’ The first F-84 flew in 1946 and entered service in 1947. However, the Thunderjet was haunted so many structural and engine problems, that in 1948 Air Force considered canceling the program. Despite that, the program was resurrected with the 1949 F84D model. The F-84D matured to become F-84G introduced in 1951. In 1954, the straight-wing Thunderjet was joined by the swept-wing F-84F Thunderstreak and RF-84F Thunderflash.

The F-84G became the Air Force's primary strike aircraft during the Korean War. It flew a total of 86,408 missions and destroyed 60% of all ground targets in the war in along with eight Soviet-built MiG fighters. Over half of the 7,524 F-84s produced served with NATO nations. The F-84G was the first aircraft to fly with the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds demonstration team. F-84 Thunderjets served in the USAF Strategic Air Command from 1948-1957.

I am very excited to be in SMA: Big Spring Contest! When I heard there was a Juniors category, I knew exactly which model to build. Alclad II was sitting in my spray booth just burning a hole through it, and I was dying to try it for the first time. So this is what I built.

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