replacement jet engines


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Jan 23, 2022
Hello! Anyone have suggestions about where I can buy one-off jet engine pieces? I need four of them.

I starting building a Convair NB-36H model. The core is a Monogram 1:72 model kit. I am also using the NB-36H conversion kit from click2detail (

I am now toying with the idea of building a Convair X-6 "replica". ("Replica" is in quotes since they never actually built one!) The X-6 had a cluster of four turbojets on the fuselage underside; these were to be powered by the nuclear reactor in the plane, once it reached cruising altitude.

The turbojet intended for use was the General Electric XJ53, but that never made it to production.

So I'm looking for four turbojets that I can build into a cluster, then attach to the underside of the NB-36 fuselage. My initial plan was to cannibalize engines from another model set. Based on some rough measurements, the J79 engine looks close, so I figured I'd use the engines from a 1:72 Convair B-58 Hustler model kit.

But I hate to break up a complete kit just for the engines, so I figured I'd ask for suggestions: does anyone sell just engines (including the 'bodywork' around the engine ... it needs to look like it's on the plane, not sitting on a test platform, with all the plumbing exposed.)

Any suggestions appreciated!

Thanks, Patrick