Raised Panel Lines


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May 5, 2011
hey, so i have an Italeri U-2R Senior Span in 1/48 scale and it has raised panel lines. is it better to rescribe them and do a panel line wash or just pre-shade them? if i need to rescribe them, how to?? ???

Chris S

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Feb 14, 2011
Its really your choice fella . If you decide to rescribe it could be an aweful lot of work depending on how much detail there is on the aircraft .The rescribing can be done simply with a good blade and a straight edge after marking out and sanding off the raised lines .
But a clever way to paint them is to undercoat with Black and once your top coat is on and well dry you can use 1500/2000 grade wet and dry ...used wet to carefully sand of the paint on the raised lines ,just take your time and dont go to hard at it ..checking as you go ;) A clear coat after will seal it all up .


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