Question on color

Rob S

New Member
Nov 20, 2023
Hello all. I'm currently working on an old polar lights robot from lost in space and need help choosing colors for the base. I'm going for a kind of Mars look and was thinking about a desert sand base with some red dry brush over that. Am I on the right track?

Welcome Aboard !

Sounds good to me .
I think Mars is more orange though , isn't it ? I haven't been there .
Thanks. That's the problem for me, I'm colorblind and not sure what to use. Usually I paint gundam/xabungle type kits and they're easy to figure out - blue and white, red and white or something similar. I'm trying to branch out a bit with this kit and the terrain has me stumped
Mmm .
Well , post some pix as you go and members here can make suggestions and answer questions .

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