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Glue sniffer
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Seems like now is a perfect time for activities particularly ones that keep you quite and your brain busy.

Does anyone like puzzles? What's your average time on a puzzle, and what size?

Seems like anything over 1000 pieces will take me 3-5 days working on in an hour or so after work.


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I heard scale model building is also a good activity :p


The Chaos

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In that time ican build m modelling projects , because our Company are closing for the time, no aircrafts are flying.


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It's a good thing I enjoy modeling time at the bench, 'cause it keeps #[email protected]^%& raining and being outside isn't so nice, some days!

Just dusted off a prior project [1/24th Modeller's Ferrari 641] and have resumed work. My company is aircraft related also, and we are on furlough because of world wide influences to that industry, and the whole covid thing is going on at the same time. Fun, fun, fun.:(
Anyway I have more modeling projects than I have time for, so I'll be good for a while. After the Ferrari? I spy a Porsche 911 on the shelf...:cool:
Everyone be well!

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Glue sniffer
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It’s raining pretty good here. After a bit I’m going to clean up the bench some more for my next model. I’m hoping my new car one comes in shortly.

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