Q about full interior kits


New Member
Jan 19, 2022
Good day everyone,

Looking for anyone with experience or info about these kits:

1. Meng TS-020 (Mk. 5 male tank)

2. Amusing Hobby 35A038 and/or 35A041 (T72)

3. Ryefield RM-5003 and/or RM-5025 (Tiger 1)

My questions are mostly concerning the interiors. Im looking for a kit that will have the full exterior, but still be able to see the interior, however not a cut out or see through kit.

My research shows me that the RM-5003 can be built fully, and not glue specific components together in order to take it apart and see the inside. Can anyone confirm that?

I havent yet seen any info on whether this can happen with the other 2.

Anyone know of any kits of those vehicles that may be equal or better? (i would like to stay with the Mk5 and Tiger 1, but am not opposed to T80 or 90 if a kit exists that i havent seen yet.)

Any other thoughts, suggestions, info, etc is kindly appreciated.