purple passion: one must be plum crazy to consider painting a model airplane this color


Oct 30, 2020
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Purple is a delicious and refreshing, rich and royal color, Reminds me of chilled Santa Rosa plums on a hot summer day, chilled grape Fanta soda or grape suckers. The 1970 MOPAR Plum Crazy is a weird paint color: it goes from reddish-purple in brighter light and bluish purple in lower light. It is metallic.

Since I'm now swinging toward ordering custom decals, I can print whatever decal color I want to mark the plane model. I thought of yellow before because a home inkjet printed can't produce white of pastel colors, which white is a component. But if I order commercial-made decals, they can be printed in a pastel purple which will be more color-coordinated than yellow or gold on purple. The decal color won't change but the paint color might in different light.I plan now on having the decals for plane markings a pastel shade of purple. See how they contrast with the various changing tones of Plum Crazy paint. Testors makes an model spray paint in the officially-licneced Chrysler shade of Plum Crazy. I special ordered this can of paint from an online hobby shop. $15 bucks with ground shipping!

plum crazy dodge hue pastel graphics jape.jpg

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