Polar Lights Jupiter 2 (1965) from Lost in Space - Rework


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Jan 6, 2012
Superb !
:DBut why are you filming it thru the glass ? lol
be great to video it atop one of those little , powered turntables .
No reason other than the need to keep the sliding glass door shut so our two curious cats don’t get inside and muck about amongst the models. I plan on taking more better photos and making another video soon showing her at different angles. i also will take her apart to show off the interior. These would be taken on a table in the garage using my camera and lighting setup.
At some point I’d also like to see if there‘d be some way I could attach fishing line to four equally spaced points around the perimeter suspended from a controller made of dowels above the table. I could then take some in flight photos against my black velvet backdrop. I might also take a few using my greenscreen setup,
i like your turntable idea a lot.
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