Photo Review: Freedom Model Kits F-20A


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May 15, 2010
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This strange joint makes me believe that the sprues are molded at the same factory in China used by Kitty Hawk Models, Panda Hobby, and Mirror Models:

Decals for the prototypes:

These are for what if schemes the modeler makes up as they are not in the painting instructions:

Aside from the Photo-etched steel (yes it looks like brass in the photo), poly caps are included for the wings to make pylon attachment easy:

Here are some detail photos. Note all the slide and multi-part molding in effect:

Instrument panel

Decal for the instrument panel:

Some flash on this part...

Cockpit tub...

Note the sliding mold to engrave the lower fuselage detail...

One of two shark nose tips (longer one is for the first prototype)...

These trunks are supposed to be open but are flashed over...

Excellent clarity to the windscreen and canopy...

I will most certainly use lots of these parts to upgrade my AFV Club F-5N kits. It is a really well executed model but I need to dig deeper to know about accuracy and fit.


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