Paper Armour (Armor for you Yanks)


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Oct 11, 2012
I design and build in Paper (cardstock).
I don't putty or paint.
I try not to use anything but paper...but I do use wooden dowels, toothpicks, etc, as well as wire and occasionally plastic for canopies/windows.

All my designs are intended to be retail kits (my hobby must pay for itself),
and I prefer to design kits for beginners to intermediate skilled builders.
However, some of my kits are large (because of scale and details) and therefore consist of a lot of parts.
I like large scale vehicle models (1/12 - 1/16)

If you don't understand paper modeling, assembly is a lot more complicated than plastic, since you must build every part before any sort of assembly
...but if you stick to the kit, there is no post assembly work such as painting, weathering, etc. Everything is preprinted.

I can post more of my Armour builds if you guys are interested,
but for now, here is my latest big scale creation...

1/16 scale 1940-41 CMP Early Cab 11 Ford Field Artillery Tractor







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Apr 21, 2013
Post MORE paper armor!

I've got A LOT of paper armor I've built over the last year in game scales such as 28mm/1:56th (mostly designed by a fellow named Patoroch out of the Ukraine...). I might have to bring some of those pictures over to here...

Where can we find your models if you make/purchase/download them?


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Oct 11, 2012
Honestly I didn't come here to "sell" models...just to show off a bit.
I design models that I want to build, and models that I think might sell to other paper modelers.
I need my hobby to pay for itself.
My goal is to create kits that are suitable to my own skill level (adequate) and rushed/lazy build style.
So my kits tend to be more comfortable for lesser skilled modelers (I think).

Most of my retail stuff is Military Vehicles and Aircraft.
I sell my retail kits at

I also create a lot of models that I share freely on my website (click Dave's Card Creations).
Various free models including my "world famous koolwheelz collection" lol assortment of miniature vehicles that are of a special interest or connection to me personally.
There are a lot of Movie and TV vehicles, as well as a lot of customs and hot rods.
Most are around 1/60 scale.


Koolwheelz models are a special challenge to me: to produce a single Letter sheet model, with as few parts as possible,
that represent a vehicle as closely as possible, within the limits of paper modeling, but at a very small scale.
The free koolwheelz collection has grown to about 160 different models, and over the last ten years, has over one million downloads!
You can view built koolwheelz models on my pinterest page:

More pics of the Field Artillery Tractor here:[email protected]/albums/72157705203570242

Before the FA Tractor, my last big Military vehicle project was a 1/16 scale Saladin Armoured Car.






More pics here:[email protected]/albums/72157681055410226

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