P 61 Black Widow

the Baron

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May 12, 2009
It came out pretty nicely, even with the hurdles.

If you'd like an idea of what kinds of displays you could do, here's an example:

To the comments about tape for masking, yeah, I learned through trial and error not to use the blue painter's tape. I found that it didn't cut cleanly, but had a tendency to shred-even though I always break out a brand-new Nr 11 knife for cutting masking. It also tended to leave a residue behind, nothing that couldn't be cleaned with a little Windex, but it was an additional step, and since I use Future to dip clear parts, I didn't want to use an ammonia solution on it. I started using Tamiya tape from then on. The blue vinyl tape sounds interesting, though.
Jun 9, 2013
The more I looked at my Revell P-61 Black Widow kit, the more disgusted I am with it. Nothing looks right. As I’ve already mentioned, one side cowling is molded in and does not look right. Heck, everything else looks like crap on the sprues. It’s nothing like the old original Monogram P-61 Black Widow kit of the 70s.
I do know the molds are old and that’s expected because of their age. Revell should have never reissued this kit.

So, this P-61 kit is now put in the shelf of doom and possibly will face a grim death sentence via hammer.

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