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Apr 24, 2009
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Name of Build: Outrider

Kit manufacturer: Zarkus

Scale: 1/72

This is the Corellian YT2400. Dash Rendars Outrider ship from the Star wars 'Shadow's Of The Empire' book and game. Its a resin kit, that presented quite a few problems but I got there in the end! A lot of filling and sanding was needed and some strong epoxy glue (even screws!) to hold it together due to parts being warped and not fitting correctly. Tank parts were used all over the ship to beef up the detail. Base coat was painted with Humbrol enamels, pre shading was done with Tamiya paints aswell as the different cloured panels. AK Interactive products were used for the weathering, pigments streaking grime etc. Aftermarket Resin Millennium Falcon fans and Photo etch grills were used on the rear top deck. The engines, gun wells and cockpit are fully lit with LED's (diffused by grease/baking paper) all powered by an internal battery and hidden switch in the side walls. Fibre optic was used in the cockpit which also includes a scratch built 'LEEB0' droid and a modified 1/72 Fine Molds Luke Skywalker for the bounty hunter pilot Dash Rendar. And it even has a tiny 'Drive safely' decal on the back.

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