NOW COMPLETE: Spanish Panzer I Ausf. A Breda 1/16 AMMO/Takom

Hi guys,

As I said in the introductions section, I have been painting models since 1994, but only for various wargames. This is my first foray into scale models, so do bear that in mind.

Happy to have avoided any major disasters so far!

I will be covering painting and weathering in my Youtube Channel, by the way.

So, just played a bit with my Ammo Shaders. Pretty happy with the results, but I don't know if it's noticeable on camera:



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Wow! All aspects are superb.

You are too kind, sir! I hope it's pretty good in the end. The main thing for me is that I haven't had any disasters, other than needing weeks for the build and a whole day for the tracks. Given it's my first scale model, and that I clearly bit more than I should...I'm happy :)

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