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Aug 30, 2009

Hey everybody, ModelMan here.
One thing I've become known for is lighting my kits. Over the years I've lamented some of the high prices of lighting kits and the foot work involved in finding what you need when you need it. I'm establishing Modeler's Brand to bring affordable, high tech LED gear to the most modest of means modelers amongst us. One stop shopping with great prices.

I am now launching my inaugural sale campaign by offering unheard of prices on my premiere product "Modeler's Brand Double-Density LEDTapeâ„¢" Why 'double-density'? Where others offer 18 LED's/30mm, only Modeler's Brand brings you 36+3 LED's PER FOOT by cutting the feet long at 12.75" and the Yards at 36.5" giving you 108+3 LED's/Yard.

And the prices are uncomparable! Modeler's Brand regular retail price for Doble-Density LEDTapeâ„¢ is already great at $7.95/ft or $19.95/yd. But this inaugural sale brings the prices down MORE.

Four "All Eight Feet" Combo Packs at $47.95 each and two "All Eight Yards" packs at $137.95 are all that's left of the first trial stock run. That's one foot or yard of each of eight colors. Warm White, Cool White, Red, Green, Blue, Amber, Purple and Rose.

The second stock run is already on it's way and I can start taking some preorders for delivery in late Sept/early October 2011.

Have a look at the website:

Have a look at the YT channel

Contact me at [email protected]

I'll post some vids below. Thanks for stopping by!

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May 12, 2009
Is supplies is a real online hobby shop?
Have you visited the website?

I had a look, and it does not appear to be a scale modeler's site. It talks about survival, eg, canning food, preparing for society's collapse. I suppose scale modeling can help you through that, when it happens. But for now, I don't think you can get scale modeling stuff there.

A websearch on "" also returns a a YouTube channel for ModelersBrand: That does look like it's for scale modelers, in normal times.


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Mar 18, 2013
Yeah ,
that kid and his stuff are history .

That was , after all , a decade ago since his post .

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