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Jun 29, 2015
Just registered and wanted to say hello. I hail from Central Florida and I am a Scale Model Addict. I am not seeking rehab, but I am seeking to improve on my addiction. I have struggled with scale models my entire life except maybe the infant and toddler years as well as my twenties. I really struggle with actually finishing anything as I get bored with a kit or by the time I get to weathering I am so sick of looking at it, it gets shelved for years sometimes. I have tried braille scale and that helped but only a little. I have settled on 48 scale armor. I can build an entire vehicle in the time it takes me to do the roadwheels on a 1/35 kit. Also most of the 48 scale kits are from Tamiya which are an absolute pleasure to build. Here are some pics of my latest project which is Tamiya's Panzer IV H with Tamiya's Stick-on zimmerit. I also have a 1/48 Tamiya Panzer 38 T in the construction phase. I used Mig AMMO dunkelgelb modulation set to get where I am now. I am stuck using the camera on my phone which takes good pictures but messes up the color pretty bad. The actual color is kind of gray and I am going to hit it with some Tamiya clear yellow to get the right tint back.


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