Need some help - 1/35 Jagdpanther Late Tamiya Kit

USCM Sulaco

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Mar 22, 2015
Hello to all.

I am new here and just working on the Tamiya 1/35 Jagdpanther Late kit and I have bought a number of upgrade/aftermarket parts for it which I will use - i.e.: aluminum barrel, fruilmodel tracks, replacement drive sprocket and idler wheels etc.

Believe it or not but while I was building it - I threw half of the road wheels out by mistake!!! I was originally planning on using the kit road wheels, but now obviously need some replacements. Does anyone have a suggestion as to resin replacements? I am planning to "chip up"/wear the rubber on the road wheels as well.

I have found the Panzer Art #35-113 "Strengthened Road Wheels for Panther D"... would these be suitable for the Tamiya Jagdpanther? I am not sure. They look nicely detailed, but would they be accurate or at least close to what would have been on the real thing?

Any suggestions or assistance on this would be greatly appreciated. I still don't know how I ended up throwing half the road wheels out. Thanks very much for your help in advance and happy modelling.


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May 7, 2009
Not 100% sure if the Panther D wheels would be correct, but the Jagdpanther was build on a Panther hull.

I am not sure what mark the Jagdpanther Late is supposed to be, but I have the Dragon Panther G, and Jagdpanther G and the lower hull, suspension and wheels are identical.

Whether the same can be said for the Panther D, I am not sure, but I think so.


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Dec 17, 2010
Sulaco ,

The Jagd Panther was based off of the Panther A & The Panther G ( for the G2 Jagd Panther , which Tamiya has unwittingly done & It's a very Cool Kit !) The G1 Jagd-Panther was based on the Panther A .

The Panther suffered from an undersized Transmission, Also the Torque that it did have tore the 16 bolt road wheels to pieces (more specifically the 3rd station). They found that if they added 8 more bolts - 24 , then the wheels wouldn't get "torn " to pieces. There were even cases where the rubber would get torn from the road wheels - showing up later in the G's - They tried Steel roadwheels there for a minute - Same Torque issues battered th steel road wheels -

So, in a long winded way lol Yes - The Panzer Art wheels will work. ;D -

So, Early Panther D's would have 16 bolts on the Rim of the Road Wheels , They failed & were replaced with a 24 bolt pattern - which is what Panzer Art has !! Also , if you want to kick it up a touch - TMD sells some cool stuff for th Panther G & specifically for the Late(G2) Jagd-Panther.

If you dig the reference , there are two must haves for the Jagd-Panther - Panzer Tracts #9-3 breaks it all down on th JP, even Unit allocation !! The 654th was on the Western front & sole Unit - for a while. Then a few of the G2's ( Tamiya's JP kit) were sent to th eastern front to a couple of SS units ,another JP Unit , as well as resupply to th 654th.

Also - The Combat History of the 654th from Karl Heinz-Munch - Oh ! Dude , this book is Awesome !

Both books are Phat ! Th 654th book can be found on Amazon - in the used section , for around $75 , but it's 200 + pages !! 700 war time pix of Beautiful Jagd Panthers from the G1 to th G2 ! Whoof ! Insane !!

I hope this helps Th Jagd-Panther is one of my German Favorites !! In th Top 2 ! ..... STUG III being #1


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