"Na'Reia's Warsong"-Custom Lightsaber


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May 22, 2009
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Ordered the parts from Ultrasabers to let me make use of some of the spares I had and build out a complete saber.
Ordered a Dark Warglaive body, as well as an Obsidian V4 soundboard, along with the power supply/speaker, switch, and blade.
Also pictured are Dark Arbiter and Dark Shock emitters, Archon and Dark Warglaive pommels, and a gear from TCSS.
I'll be using a Consular Green LED from a previous saber.

After looking at the possible combinations, I opted to use the Dark Shock Emitter, gear, and Archon pommel.

Also decided that I wanted a switch plate for this one

Everything is here, now looking to get it all prepped for installations

Opened up the switch hole to accommodate the AV switch, as the body came drilled for a guarded switch.

Everything wired up and connected. Haven't soldered the switch wires at this point to allow for installation into the hilt.

And the 'test firing' is completed. At this point, we have working electronics

Fully assembled hilt.
Above the switch, I have engraved the word "warsong" in the Aurabesh font to name the hilt

And the hilt lit up, ready to go.

Youtube link:

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