Name a old kit that gets no love, and why should I care? Straight out of the box


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Jun 18, 2010
Ok, there's hundred of new kits, but there are some amazing old ones that just don't get love. Sure everybody says the old Monogram B-17. But that old kit actually gets tons of love and respect.

So for my favorite, how many have built the old Nichimo KI-43 'Oscar'? But did you know, that it's only real flaws is that the wheel wells are too shallow and the wheels are a little off? The fit is good, the cockpit is amazing, and the detail superb. All for about 15 bucks nowadaze. Many old Nichimo kits are excellent, and they're well over 30 now. Early/mid seventies if my aging brain remebers correctly. Try one.

So what's one of your favorite, no/little love old kit that the masses of modelers usually pass by without a second glance so that if I haven't yet, I might want to give one a go...

Oh, and to be clear, any genre, any scale. 8)


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Oct 12, 2010
i have a Revell Monogram B-17 but its a restored peace, someone ells built it.

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