Na na na na na na na na... Batplane!!

May 8, 2009
It's a bird! It's a plane! It's... well, okay, it's a plane. ;D FInished this quick build a couple days ago, but just got around to taking some pics. Mother's Day got in the way... you know. ::)

I didn't include the cockpit, as it looked like lumpy clay & I didn't want to spend untold hours on too much detail. I was just looking for a fun & quick build. She's painted in a very dark gloss blue with matte black details.
Here's the link to my Photobucket, starting with the first "final pic". Enjoy!
Wahey! That looks cool.. Love the detail shots of the black paint. Very well done.
You know..
These kits have been screaming to me off the shelf at the local hobby shop. I may have to drop some dough and score some of these kits.

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