Myke's Builds - CAUTION: Contains More Than One


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Last year I thoroughly enjoyed focusing on, and super detailing one build for three months. This year I'm pushing myself a little further, and attempting a completed build for each category. These, as you will soon see, are not small quick builds either, and are going to challenge my time and project management skills to their fullest. In order to accomplish this, I will not be able to provide detailed build logs, so I will be streaming construction live via I will update this post a couple of times a week with some photos and information about the progress of the builds, and on Sundays I will post the upcoming weeks schedule that I will be at the workbench so you can view the live streaming. I encourage you to not only check it out but interact with me as well.

This year's builds will include:
Revell 1/24 London Bus
Dragon 1/35 Dragon M1 Panther II
Tamiya 1/32 Zero
Fine Molds 1/72 TIE Fighter
Dio to be announced later

Live construction can be viewed at my channel here: SMA Spring Contest 2012

Good luck to everyone in the contest. I hope you all have fun and learn a little something new along the way.

Construction schedule to be posted in the next 24 hours.


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Myke, This one will be a great challenge, mate!!! 5 builds in 3 months, I wish you Good luck!!!


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Last year I built while listening to Badgrendels, and don't get me wrong, I love badgrendels' content! But I'm itching to build while listening to your live constructions.

Can't wait! ;D


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5 builds in 3 months is doable but still a lota work to do them right, Gl myke


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Good Boy Myke!!! Go for it!!! No nuggets, no Blue Chips!!! Looking forward to seeing you have at it!! ;)


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Brave boy. It can be done if you don't go crazy with each build. I did four last year. Definately not doing four this year. Maybe two. :-X I'll try not to get carried away. Good for the site. Good luck!


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Liking the confidence. 5 builds! Wow!

Great idea with the video channel. I'll be watching, especially that Tie Fighter. :)


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Thanks for all the comments, Hopefully I won't disappoint.

Viewing schedule will be : (All times are Eastern Standard)
Monday: 8:00 - 10:00pm
Tuedsay: 4:00 - 7:00pm

I'll update this more as I hash out the schedule a little better. So many other things going on too.

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