My homeowner's insurance agent says my homemade crafts are not covered for time and labor.


In theory, my policy would cover my scale model losses in terms of the costs of raw materials went into building them as plastic kits, paint, decals, glue, etc. I keep all the receipts. According to him, I would not get paid for any time and labor I put into building my own projects, however. It might be another story if I were to pay money to somebody else to build my models.

I'm sure many scale modelers here worry about how well you would be covered if your prized models should go up in smoke. Models can be a risky venture, economical speaking. We all know how much money those measly little rattle cans of model paint run for.


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Even if they 'were' covered for the labor of building them, they'd still need to be rebuilt in such a case.
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