My Atlantic Boeing 727 kit arrived today.


Oct 30, 2020
All checked out. All parts present and accounted for. Now, I'm in the phase of designing a decal sheet in Microsoft Paint coz I don't have a vector draw program or the knack to use it. I use bitmap mode for best resolution. I'm designing it for a commercial online decal printer to to the work.

Here is a photocopy of the factory decal sheet that came in the kit.
727 factory decal sheet.jpg

Here is a copy of my custom decal image in progress, it is drawn 1:1 scale, 8" x 13". My instructions to the decal printer will be not to print the white background as part of the content. I don't know how to render a clear background in Paint. I used the stock decal sheet as a template to fabricate the windows and doors by photoshopping away the TWA and Eastern livery colors. The fuselage on the model airplane kit does have heavy scribe marks for the door and emergency door locations as well as the seams for the sheet metal panels. I will have to sand lightly with 2000 grit before painting so as not to sand out the scribe marks. Hopefully several coats of paint wont cover up the scribe marks. The scribe marks add realism suggesting aircraft sheet metal. And will help it make it easy to locate door and window decals. I decided to make my private jet plane a flag a carrier by leaving the flag image from the original decal sheet. The AMERICAN ORIGINAL logo and the Boeing 727 logo will be integrated into the window row decals for easier application and precise positions.

The white plastic surfaces on the kit parts are rather slick. Should they be lightly wet or dry sanded for evan paint adhesion? Should I use a primer to prep the bare plastic fuselage and wings for Testors spray enamel or lacquer?

custom decal sheet web forums.jpg
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