Lost my man cave. . .


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May 7, 2009
The 18 year old had a set of drums follow him home or something :-\
Got him to clean the basement, but boy is it loud down there.
I wish college would start up again soon!!
Oh the Pain! Our teenager is into Mountain Biking so that's just perfect, although I do constantly follow him around gathering up my tools!
It's not so bad, the drums are off in the corner so I still have the cave, just not when he is banging away like he did as a wee one on the pots and pans. We let him do it then so we knew where he was :D
And the secret to keeping the lone female out is allowing the hockey pads and sweaters to dry right at the base of the landing ;D
She says it smells down there and she will not come down. . .so sad ;D
Haha, now that's a man cave! I am still in desperately need for my very own man cave. Especially once I get my airbrush set. I just need more space. :/

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