Looking to trade

Jun 9, 2013
I won this as a raffle prize at IPMS Syrcon 2021 Scale Model Show back in October 17th of this year. I really have no use for these figures....


I'm not looking for anything too extravagant on a trade. But I will trade for a couple of decal sets.

I am looking for a particular 1/48 scale decal set of a Blue Nose P-52 Mustang belonging to one Punchy Powell "The West by gawd Virginian". I'll be happy to take any Blue Noser decals if offered.

The other are US insignia for a 1/72 scale P-38 Lightning for the wing and twin boom placements. This is a must have for me since the kit I bought at the show were missing them in the box. I do not the red lined US insignias
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