JST RNG-1D Renegade Racer


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Next up on the bench is a build that takes me back a good ways.
I'll be working on a custom car from some varied story and RP ideas that I've been working with for several years.

What I'll be building is a vehicle I call the James Security Technologies RNG-1D Renegade Racer.
(Think KITT crossed with the Batmobile)
It starts as a modified Ferrari Testarossa

The intended plan:

I'll be using the old 1/24 Tamiya kit as the basis for the build

Proof of freshly started kit

A look at the stock kit contents

And work begins, as with most cars, on the engine.
All detail paint work has been done by hand with a fine brush
I even painted in the belts with a dark grey primer

Youtube link:


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Goody :)

I'm intrigued .

Your builds keep reminding me of Kung Fury ;D


;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D


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Okay, folks,
Sorry for the delays in updating this build.

But, here's an update on where I'm at so far

Finished up the engine mount and drive train

Built up the front steering

Installed the Engine and steering into the chassis

Glued the engine cover onto the rear hatch

Opened up the headlight openings a little further to accomodate the fixed headlights

Removed the 'cheese graters' from the body as well as the vanes in the intakes and then glued the intakes into place

Youtube link:


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Update time with the build on the Renegade Racer

Using sheet styrene, I built the housing for the new headlights

Built up new mirrors from sheet styrene to replace the 'ice cream scoop' versions found on the stock Testarossa

Bent some sheet styrene to make the spoiler for the back deck, then built some vertical mounts for it

Spoiler mounted on the back deck

Interior pieces were given a base coat of light sand from Tamiya

Interior was assembled, and detail painted

On the front behind the main grill, I opted to paint up a simulation of a KITT-style scanner.
I started with white in the middle, then got progressively darker as I went further out.
This was then given a coat of Testors 'Hickory' wash to give it more of an amber/yellow color

Front and rear light pieces were painted before assembly

Printed up custom license plates and other markings both for this version and a future version I have planned

I gave the body a base coat of flat black, then masked off the upper portion to paint the bottom with Testors Inca Gold
This was given a coat of gloss after the masking was peeled off

With all of the major painting done now, I went ahead and assembled the car.
Not before I painted the black trim on insides of the windows, however.
I added the custom markings, as well as installing the clear styrene covers on the new headlights

Finished build pics

And, showing the Racer with the two main cars that serves as its inspiration:
The Batmobile, and, of course, KITT

Youtube link:

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