It's back up!


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Hello all!

It is back up indeed - and I'm not Scott.

As you can tell, everything is pretty basic - but I'm still working on everything to get a more familiar look. I'm hoping we can bring the community back, and grow with new members. I wasn't quite ready to announce the site is back - but I'm glad you found it all the same!

Looking forward to chatting more soon.


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Thanks for the heads-up , Wrx !
I've been checking regularly since it's evaporation ,, but my queries have been falling off in regularity over the months .


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I just checked on it one day and found it running again.
I may start posting builds again fairly soon
This community has some serious mojo. I just randomly decided to see if the site was back up tonight, and boy I was surprised to wind up here. Great to see so many familiar names and glad to see SMA again!

the Baron

Ich bin ja, Herr, in Deiner Macht
Well, thanks, Blackbeard, for reviving the site! It was sad that it had to go into hiatus, but good to have it back now.

Steve Ski

Good deal Gents, time to Ruck Over, Bby! Ya, I am by no means a spacebooker or myfacer, so it's good to see some good ol "sniffin paint and gluin them fingers together" action!

Cheers, Ski.

P.S. Hey Bruce, good to see that smiling face again, Bro!
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Phil B

Biz is picking up?
I wondered what happened to the forum. Glad to see some well-known avatars back...


Just got an email pointing me here. Very happy to see the forum back. Only ever used 2 forums at at a time and when I started getting bench time again it was disappointing to see SMA was in 'hibernation'

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