Italeri PT-109 Motor Torpedo Boat (#555613)


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May 15, 2010
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"New Tooling … Italeri Brings the Well-Known PT-109 To Life in 1/35 Scale
Edison, NJ. Available from Model Rectifier Corporation is Italeri’s newly tooled release, the legendary PT-109 Motor Torpedo Boat (#555613) commanded by John F. Kennedy in 1943. Working from the original ELCO drawings, Italeri created about 300 pieces, plus photo-etched parts to recreate the 80’ U.S. Navy Patrol boat in 1/35 scale. The one-piece hull is over 27” long.
This remarkable reproduction is crammed with superb detailing. For instance, the four torpedo tubes, Oerlikon 20mm cannon, four .50 caliber machine guns and two depth charges are spot on. Even the transom mounted smoke generator has been perfectly replicated. You can tell the history has been well researched, as the kit even includes the 37mm anti-tank gun that the crew lashed to the bridge the day before its last mission.
The model includes a Photo Reference Manual filled with some little known historical facts, original photographs and drawings.
MRC is the exclusive marketer of Italeri kits in the U.S.
Item #: 555613 PT-109 Motor Torpedo Boat 1/35 Scale MSRP $189.00"

I m trying to find out is the 37mm anti-tank gun is newly tooled (if it is, it may be sold separately as they did with the Bofors on the previous PT boat).


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