IS-2 Italeri easy kit


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Oct 8, 2014
Hi folks!

This is my first build i post here.This is not realy a WIP cos i finished this last easter but i thought it will be a good start for me on this forum.
I build this for my nephew as an easter present.He loves the online game world of tanks and thought he will be happy to have a nice modell.
I usually a lazy guy so i started building about 3 days before easter so i only had 3 days to build and paint it.But i thought i will make a nice challnge out of it so i decided not to use my airbrush for painting this kit.So look at it that it is painted only with brushes(ofc for the primer i use a spary primer from Humbrol but everything else is brush painted).
I think i got carried away with the chippings but it was my first go at pinting paint chips with a brush and it was so fun that i got carried away.For weathering i use various AK-Interactive stuff.Also in the end i even managed to get a small painted display base for it.But let the pictures come.



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Sep 20, 2012
Nicely done. I've got a couple of these on my bench that have been sitting there for months. Just a coat of paint on them and no weathering yet.

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