invention: my new homemade adjustable model airplane hanger


Oct 30, 2020
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Homemade Custom Adjustable-Height Model Airplane Hanger

Heavy-duty stainless fishing swivel hanging from hook on ceiling. Thread spools allow adjustment for aircraft height, pitch and bank angles. Wood screws with tapered shoulders can be tightened against spools to varying degrees and stay in place by friction. There is a flat washer between each and every spool and wooden arm they are mounted to. Four-pound-test mono fishing line is used to suspend the airplanes. These planes are still a pain to hang as mono line has memory and will unravel off spools easily if tension is not maintained. It's best to hang each side of the plane at the wing root first then put the front line in place. Each side line is wrapped under a main landing gear wheel and tied to the axle. "Air Mobile" is a spoof on "mobile" (mo-BEEL) (suspended free-moving sculpture) and the military connotation "airmobile". Jetliner die-cast models by Daron Toys. Each model is 5 1/2" long overall.
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