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If it's styrene we can build it
Hi just in case some of you were wondering I am still around unfortunately my model building has been next to non existent since the middle of last year when the room I build in started to have a reshuffle which is still happening. Then in December I got some bad news which I don't feel up to going it to at the moment sorry guys. I personally am ok and in good health it's not all doom and gloom as in January I got my self a lovely girlfriend. I'll end by saying that I miss you guys on here and building models but unfortunately I've got to focus on the important things in life I'll try to comment here and there when I can yours DB88


If it's styrene we can build it
I can't now go into why I've been and still will be hidden so to speak.

I am saddened to announce the death of my Grandpa Gilbert Samuel Wells yesterday aged 85.
He worked for de Havilland propellers allegedly, he was actually involved with the development of the Red Top and Fire streak (missiles speaking of which we took him to Duxford in 2014 and he told me if had screwdrivers on him He would of taken apart the Firestreak to show me his work), as well as the Blue Streak ICBM.

He was also part of the development team of the P1127 and Kestrel, which, of course, became the Harrier.
Later, Dad became a teacher and passed his love of electronics etc. to new generation as Technology became a curriculum subject.
He loved all aircraft being an avid R/C modeller, but his favourite was the Mossie, perhaps because it too was built with Balsa!
We learned never to mention the TSR2 in his presence! which I stupidly did only to have lengthy talk about why it was scrapped when it should not of been.

He was terminally ill


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I don't think we ever crossed paths but I feel you. Life takes priority. Hopefully one day you can come back and show us some builds. Take care

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