How would you revamp/revive the old Halcyon Aliens kits?


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Jun 12, 2015
So I'm sure most of us are either familiar with or have built one or more of the old Halcyon kits. I bought the Narcissus that was reissued by Aoshima/Skynet over 10 years ago. On a shopping trip to Tokyo last August, I came across the Sulaco kit by Halcyon in a shop in the Broadway Building. I love Syd Mead's designs and it was tempting, but not for 8,000 yen.

By doing a quick search, I found this site about Halcyon kits, which unfortunately does not include much detailed descriptions of the kits. I didn't know they made a Nostromo kit!

There's also the page here on SSM about some of these kits.

Lastly, Modeler Magic has a site for Aliens stuff as well, plus the scales. I always figured that these were typical "box scale," so kudos to Halcyon for making these kits at standard scales.

It would be great if these kits could be made available again, but wouldn't it be better if they could be totally revamped? Let's fantasize for a moment. Here are my ideas, so let me know what you think:

1:1000 scale Sulaco. According to Modeler Magic, the Halcyon kit was 1:2400 scale. According to the AVP Wikia, this ship was 385m long. So a 1:1000 scale ship should be 38cm long. I'd say that would be more satisfying than 1:2400 one. Would it be worth the extra price? If it's not feasible, then would the 1:2400 scale be better than 1:2500 (making it in-scale with Star Trek TNG ships)?

1:72 scale Narcissus. According to Modeler Magic, it is "studio scale." It's fairly close to 1:72 scale already, right?

1:72 scale Dropship, complete with internal bay, APC, and pilot figures of Ferro and Spunkmeyer. And have the missile pods hinged properly.

1:35 scale APC. I think it would be mandatory to have the cannon on hinges to fold up behind it. And a door to expose the internal bay would be nice. The Modeler Magic page has pictures of somebody's work on that. Perhaps some Colonial Marines to come with it, or maybe sold separately?

1:12 Power Loader. I know the Ripley figure wasn't poseable, but is the Power Loader poseable? I've never thought to ask about this before.

1:1000 scale Nostromo. I can't find any info on the old Halcyon kit. In fact, I didn't know one existed until just now. It would be good for it to be in-scale with the Sulaco, so again it's whether it's worth paying a lot of money for a larger scale kit than a 1:2400 or 1:2500 scale kit.

Aside from fit issues, what other gripes/recommendations would people have?

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