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Aug 27, 2010
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Some time ago I came across product called Age-it-Easy produced by Micro Mark, which you apply on a wooden elements that you want to age and it does just that. Unfortunately you aren’t able to buy it in Europe and Micro Mark Company doesn’t ship chemical products out side USA. So I decided to find something similar and after doing some searching on different forums I found couple of recipe how to do this kind of a compound yourself. I combined two of these methods and here is what I’ve ended up with.

I – one layer of compound
II – two layers of compound
III – Three layers of compound
Differences shown on the picture is subtle as the first layer has darkened this balsa wood significantly. Tone and type of aging is different for different types of wood.
Recipe for this compound is rather simple and you can do it at home by yourself. You just need a jar in which you put steel wool which is available on DIY stores. Then you fill up the jar with white vinegar. This mixture you put aside for at least 24 hours. More time the steel wool is submerged the stronger will be the mixture.

Way to use it is also simple. You need to prepare strong tea for example you use one bag for 1/3 cup of glass of hot water (stronger tea the better). Then you apply this tea with a brush on the surface you want to age. Tea doesn’t have to be hot. After the surface is dry we apply mixture we have prepared for aging. On the piece of wood shown on the first photo I used mixture that had 4 days. To diverse the surface and look you can sand the some areas of the wood.
As you can see this mixture is easy to prepare and effect are interesting.

If you have any questions feel free to ask on PM or e-mail ([email protected])
Lukasz Ziolkowski

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