How many led strip segments can be safely connected together?


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Jun 27, 2021
So another problem building my 1/350 TOS Enterprise. There are five wires in the light kit marked E that are for power connecting led strips to the PCB boards. Two are in the saucer for all its lights, one for the dorsal, and two for the secondary hull window lights.

The one I was gonna use in the dorsal is bad. That leaves me with two available. I was thinking that I could use one for the dorsal, and chain all the LED strips for the sec. Hull together on one line, bouncinf them from one side to the other as I go. There are three strips per hull half. Since I am not lighting the nacelle grills I should have enough strip connector wires to do this idea, but I am worried that it'd be too many strips on one line and burn out.

Any advice is appreciated.

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