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May 30, 2021 * 8 posts * 69 views
PappyVanWinkle said: Ok What's the difference between like let's say AK or Taymia Acrylic and going to the local paint store and getting a quart from there? Yes I know stupid, but hay I'm a newb! Read more >>
June 01, 2021 * 4 posts * 17 views
Blarson79 said: Hi, I am looking to build a diorama of an ancient Native American city, but am having a real problem finding miniature people for this. Looking for around 1:250 scale, and people ... Read more >>
May 29, 2021 * 2 posts * 42 views
ohbejuan said: Hey scale modelers, I have been experimenting with liquid mask (I use the Vallejo version) and I like it. I have been applying with with some crappy old brushes. It tends to ruin ... Read more >>
May 26, 2021 * 10 posts * 218 views
wjbrandel said: Thanks SF. I use krylon paint and varnish for the body, however it was painted during a break in the rain so probably it was the humidity. When I use an airbrush I don't have that ... Read more >>
May 27, 2021 * 1 post * 36 views
Wolf Star said: Was home sick today and bored, so I was working on my Tamiya Stug Iv. This is the old 1974 kit. The muffler is just sorta sitting in place, not glued on crooked. I'm using the ... Read more >>
May 26, 2021 * 1 post * 49 views
Jim62 said: I just got a static grass applicator and tried it out. Man how did we ever manage without this product? Absolutely cool stuff and I can't wait to use it on a dio. If anyone is ... Read more >>
May 26, 2021 * 1 post * 48 views
VMCR said: Kibri 10540 Mercedes-Benz 2228 206 KW/280PS 1:87 H0 [link] [link] Read more >>
May 26, 2021 * 10 posts * 187 views
the Baron said: 4'x3' is a much taller order. As a rough guess, that's got to be between 1/24 and 1/12 scale, perhaps? I don't know of anyone who ever produced a kit of the White House in anything ... Read more >>
May 28, 2021 * 6 posts * 145 views
the Baron said: Yeah, he's notorious. If you do a web search, you'll find many, many threads and posts, across forums, and across business rating websites, from people who have gotten burned by ... Read more >>
May 26, 2021 * 11 posts * 234 views
Rod The Fixer said: Hi mates, I think it is almost completed ... As usual any tip to improve the model is welcome ... [link] by Rodolfo Masti, on Flickr [link] by Rodolfo Masti, on Flickr [link] by ... Read more >>

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